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Tim Staab Update!


Here is some info gathered from the "Cycle News" web site.

2/18/2002 - Staab Update
Posted By Paul Carruthers

Getting Better

Honda Baja Champion Tim Staab continues to show signs of improvement after suffering a
head injury at the Las Vegas 200 in December, according to Honda.
Since being brought out of a medically induced coma in January, Staab has slowly been

"He's awake all day and interacting with family and friends" said Honda's Bruce Ogilvie,
"He's still got a long way to go, but we are encouraged by his progress so far."

Staab is currently at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California, where family
members are with him every day. In recent weeks he has been taken off a respirator and
has been undergoing physical and speech therapy. Visitors are welcome from 11 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Cards or letters can be sent to:
Tim Staab, 5232 Cassandra Ln., San Diego, CA 92109



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i heardfrom a good source @ king of desert race, that if you give him a hat,he'll put it on backwards.glad to here the good news.

thanks c.s.


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Thats great News. I haven't heard anything since he was transported from Vegas to S.D.


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From what we gather from others close to him is that his career is not looking so bright with the current condition he is in and his projected recovery. He may not be fully recovered for quite a while and may never fully recover to the Baja Champion that he once was, although we hope that is not the case. We plan to do a little something at San Felipe to boost his spirits and get him back on track.

You can find out a bit more about how Honda is dealing with this at www.RaceDesert.com. Just posted it a few minutes ago.



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Isn't Tim only 23? How can his career be in jeopardy before it really even got a chance to shine? I've seen people come from far worse, and come back to 115% of what they were prior. I know Tim is one of these people. Scripps is also a world class hospital, they are level 1 trauma and ICU, and they have UCSD right down the street. He couldn't be in a better place to recover. Godspeed his recovery.


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I know this topic is dated, but does anyone know
what Tim Staab is doing now, or how he is doing...?


Dan McMillin

this is great news to hear that hes making improvements everyday. Thanks for the update, and a Get Well Soon to Tim!!


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Didn't Tims accident happen like in December of 2002 when he was trying to chase down Destery Abbot. Last i heard about tim was that he was already at home and doing good and i believe i heard this over six months ago but i maybe wrong. Ohh and changing the subject a liitle i read on motoworlracing.com that Jeremy McGrath might come back to racing SX and he might race for Motoworld of El Cajon.


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Tim's accident was a couple yeaers back. It was Hondas first race on the 450 in a desert race. He crashed hard and has been recovering ever since. He now lives with his parents in PB. Tim will never be the Tim he was before. He basicaly started life over as a two year old having to learn to talk and feed himself. He spent several months in Bakersfield at a rehab house living with others with head injuries. A little over a year ago he was finally able to come home. His parents have gone though hell but have stuck with it and continue to raise there only child back to an adault.
I can tell you that Tim was fricken fast and had it not been for that single moment would be on top of the world today. Just shows you how life can change in the blink of an eye.


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A very good friend went thru a head injury from being t-boned by a delivery van. Had to re-start from zero. While I wouldn't wish such a tragedy on anyone, I think he's a better person for it and he was a good person b4.

Let's hope Tim comes out of this in-kind.