Tim Staab


Jerry Maguire
Does anybody know the condition of Tim Staab? Is he still in a coma or has he come out of it? Is his riding career over? I hope he is okay and recovering as he is always fun to watch!


I have been meaning to post this for a couple days now but just got to busy. From motorsport.com

Update on the condition of Tim Staab


Motorsport.com -- The offroad community is keeping Tim Staab and his family
and friends in their thoughts as the family prepares for a long road of recovery
for Staab once he awakens from the coma.

The family is having Staab transfered to a hospital near their home in San Diego,
California today, December 28, from University Medical Center in Las Vegas,

Staab was gravely injured at Jean, Nevada on
December 1st in the final Best in the Desert event.
Staab was treated at the scene prior to being
air-lifted to an exceptional trauma center, the
University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

Staab remains in a medically induced coma to allow
time for him to recover from his severe head injury.
He has remained in stable condition for several
weeks and the move at this time will not cause
any harm to his condition.

Earlier this season, BITD did a profile on Staab and
we quote: "Tim Staab's heart is in the desert,
despite living near the beach all his life. The
commitment to riding through some of the most
treacherous terrain on earth at warp speeds for
hundreds of miles paid off with an impressive
resume of race wins and top finishes."

Staab is a determined young man and his ability to
accept challenges is indeed remarkable. He now faces the toughest challenge of
his young life once he awakens from his coma.

Staab, 23, and Campbell won the prestigious 2000 events last year -- the BITD
Nevada 2000 and the SCORE Baja 2000.

"That was our goal -- to win the 2000-mile races -- and to achieve that, we
were very pleased, definitely," Staab said.

Staab's first race was at the age of 13 and he set high goals for himself which
he has accomplished. Now, he will have to set new goals as he continues on the
path of recovery.

Motorsport.com extends their support to Tim Staab and his family.