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Time for the Bowers and Kroeker B1k thread stickeys!


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I just noticed our annual Bob Bower "What about you" and Kent K B1K safety threads are MIA. We need them up top with a stickey asap!!!

Tried to but couldnt find them with a search...

Advantage West

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I was searching for these this morning also and could not find them either. I want all my chase guys to read these before we head down.

scary fast hummer

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Anybody have a copy of or link to Kent Kroeker's checklist? Headed to NORRA M1K and want to give it to my crew.


scary fast hummer

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l.e. shank

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Thank you for posting!

These two documents should be required reading for anyone and everyone heading to Baja. A re-read is in order for all of us old-timers as well!!