tire and lighterfluid....


As seen on TLC....it works.
The other night I had to inflate a 35" that was way sloppy on the rim.
First Paul and me tried to cover every opening by hand and rags without success, then we remembered the trucks show on TLC where an explosion in the tire filled up the tire to where its full. Starting fluid would work fine, but all we had handy was lighter fluid.

Spray it inside the flat tire and add a flame... BOOM. tire is inflated !

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HAHA, my auto shop teacher showed us that when I was in High school. We did it with a 35 inch tire and a skinny rim, we used WD-40 and sprayed it all around the bead then lit it. . . the damn thing jumped onto the tread. Was pretty cool to watch, and good to know if you're stuck in the dezert with a de-beaded tire.


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That's is an old trick with truck and tractor tires. Need to be careful though. It's not easy to over do it, but it is easy to start a fire. There is a more politically correct device for doing this same thing. It consists of an air tank of about 2 Cubic feet (atmospheric pressure) with a 2" ball valve and short pipe with a flattened end. The tank is filled (through a shrader valve) to full shop air pressure. The tube end is aimed between the bead and the rim. Quick opening of the huge valve dumps the full load in about 1/2 second into the tire. All the major tire equipment vendors sell them. They work very well and are common around truck shops. But they are far less portable than the flame method.

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I learned that trick from my Dad but using ether. I have blown apart tires doing that, spraying too much on there...Tractor tires fly EVERYWHERE! Also, I have never seen this work on motorcycle or quad tires, only a decent sized truck tire. Anybody done it with a smaller tire?

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Aqua-net works good for that. Bitchin trick for seating the bead in the middle of knowhere

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