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tire changer


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looking to get a tire changer and balancer , I'm not a tire shop . any input on brands and sizes would help , just tired of discount telling me they can't change my tires .


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Did a bit of research on this about 6 months ago for my work and hunter was definitely the lead name brand in that game. We were able to pickup a used balancer setup that has way more options and capabilities then I'd have ever imagined existed for about $2000. You can find other hunter models quite a bit cheaper for sure but we were looking for a few specific work related options that put us at a bit higher up model beyond just slangin tires on and off. Coats seemed to possibly be about 2nd best in the industry.

Didn't look into changers though...

I know, not a TON of info by anymeans but it's a start. I was able to get in touch with the Hunter rep that services Vegas and he actually is the one that connected us with the seller of the machine we bought. Basically a tire shop looking to update/upgrade and we bought the old unit. May be worth looking into for your area...


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looking to do car and light truck tires , notice that most changers look about the same . so 5 to 15in width ,10 to 21in. rims up to 40in od . custom cars and trucks .


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Most any tire changer will work for you since your not really needing it for "shop". So the big branded "Italian" brands are nicest like Corgi (sp?), Coats, Hunter etc but the chinese copies have come a long way in recent years. They are not quite as nice, robust or polished to use but for occasional use will be fine. Just be careful as a lot of tire changers max out around 38" especially older or lower end models. I would try and find one with the extra remote contolled arm as this makes it way easier on stiff truck tires or low profile car or motorcycle tires. I can help you with a quote on adding the arm to a lot of tire changers if the one you like doesn't come with one.

Jason :)