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Tire Decision


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I drive a 2000 Toyota PreRunner with the Camburg Long Travel setup and soon a hoop with some 14" SAW shocks in the rear. I am having a difficult time deciding on tire size.

33x12.5x15 BFG ATKO
33x10.5x15 BFG ATKO

I am getting them Saturday and want some opinions. I have a 4banger that I will be regearing to 4.56 soon but I wanted to know what you all would buy if my truck was your truck.



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I have seen 12.5s hit on the upper armwith a 7" and 8" wheel so I would definitly go with the 10.5s. They will also help the motor out too, by reducing the spinning mass when compared to the 12.5s. Check out the new muds in that size...I got em and love em


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If you're going to 33's you may want to consider 4.88's as they will put you back close to your stock shift points and cruise RPM. That's what I have and my 22R seems happy about it most of the time. Steep grades (like Hwy 18 up the backside into Big Bear) still suck.
I run a now tired set of 33-9.50 AT KO's and I like them. I'm thinking I'll go to the 10.50's next partly because I'm no longer on a school budget for the 500 mile drive home and partly because the 10.50's are now the old price of the 9.50's while the 9.50's have gone up. Wouldn't surprise me to see the 9.50's phased out in a year or two.


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I am making the same decision right now. I have a 98 ranger and I really want to run 35's but it will slow down my truck and rub up front. So I am stuck between the 33 x 10.5 or the 33 x 12.5. I think that tire companies should start making a 33 x 11.5 tire, besides goodyear that is. Anyways I would go with the 10.5.



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Thanks for the few replies guys!

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I have the 10.50's on my Jeep and the Ranger, love them, they don't follow the lines in the road like the 12.50's and they are alot easyer on the brakes.


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You dont need glass fenders to cover up the 10.5" either. 12.5" looks funny sticking out on Toys, and the wheels offsets of aftermarket wheels are usually weird anyways.