Tire pressure monitor system suggestions

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Jan 31, 2014
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36k for a true motor sport quality Motec based system like described doesnt surprise me at all.

i dont know why.....but for some reason, people will spend HUGE sums of $$$ on their race car yet always seems to be looking for the CHEAPEST price on the electronics.

most have NO IDEA how much labor goes into the physical wire harness construction. then there is a very laborious process of programming and testing to get it all just right.

wiring/electronics is just another link in your chain...that is usually skimped on and becomes the weakest link in the chain that makes up your race car.

the level of sophistication that modern electronics brings is no longer just a luxury item. if you are SERIOUS about winning races, and you arent into programming or building high quality wiring systems.....i highly recommend getting a proven professional involved for this critical component of your race car,