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I race and ride 95% desert and I wanted to know what people's tire set up was. I have been using the traditional heavy duty tubes, and haven't had much luck. I have had plenty of flats and need something different. I have done a little research and have seen that Nutech offers the Tubliss system, but other than that, I am unsure any other set ups that are out there. I was hoping RDC could offer some two cents on the subject. I am also curious as to where the best places are to get them and about what they cost?

I appreciate the help, maybe I just need to avoid more rocks!


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I run Bridgestone Ultra-Heavy Duty (UHD) tubes front & rear.. They work great & I have yet to have any real issues. Proper air pressure is important, especially if it's rocky. I run 17psi front and rear if it's fast and rocky and will go down some just depending on conditions.
As for tires, I really like the Kenda Parker tires.. They are predictable, hook up well, and last quite awhile.
A good desert tire (like the Kenda Parker) will also help prevent flats as the sidewalls are stronger than a typical tire. Just my dos centavos.. Hope that helps!

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Dunlop D606 rear and MX52 front along with UHD tubes and you're set. Around 15-17 PSI front/rear and you should be good.


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UHD tubes, the thickest ones at rockymountain are the same ones sold at the fancy KTM store here in AZ. They are hard to wedge into the tires but worth it. I second the Kenda Parkers. Have 2 new rears in the garage for the peninsula run in March. The wifes still look good after the last 2 week trip, well see after our "training" finishes up in the next few weeks!


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You might want to check out a mouse insert depending on what type of desert riding you do as tehy don't like sustained high speeds.

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Nutech TUbliss with a Maxixs Desert IT 120/18 rear and Bridgestone Battlecross X30 90/21. Both tires have stiff sidewalls which complemnt the TUbliss system. The side knobs on both tires tend to stay put. The key to long lasting TU system is to double or triple wrap the rim strip/nipples with duct/racers tape. Then rewrap (go over again with fresh tape) after every two tire changes.

Super Tecinical with tight carveing,on limestone with blunt and sharp edges.
XCW 300 with a HC head, Kreft Tuned suspension.


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I like the UHD tubes as well. My tire choice when racing in Baja on a 650 was the Bridgestone ED 78. I have no idea if they still make it, but it is a stiff sidewall tire. The compound is pretty hard, but they don't "chunk" in my experience. We finished 3rd in Open Pro in the Baja 500 one year and ran the whole race on the same tire, it looked more like a street tire at the finish with the hard throttle twisting that went on. In 06 I got a flat rear going into Coco's and rode it that way all the way to the Honda pit 5 miles after El Crucero. I took it easy in the rocks, and with the throttle, but the tire was still there when I got to the pit.

And I agree with 15-17 psi, depending on terrain. I would rather sacrifice a little handling than risk getting a flat personally.


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UHD tubes, 18" rear, Maxxis Desert IT's, 14(f)-12(r)psi. Good to go. The Desert IT are super firm but when you get a flat in the middle of nowhere you can limp them a LONG ways without the tire coming apart.
Source: what I used in Vegas to Reno this last year, flat after Topgun, limped 20+ miles to the next pit, new wheel, finished race.


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I run the BITD series and have raced the Baja 1000 for the last 3 years and we always run bib mousses front and rear. I typically prefer the Dunlop rear mousse and either the Michelin or Dunlop mousse up front. www.dunlopmousse.com We either run the Dunlop AT81 tire up front or the Bridgestone Gritty ED77 and for the rear we run the Dunlop AT81RC for sandier terrain like Baja but for races like Vegas to Reno we go with the Dunlop 606. In last years Vegas to Reno we ran the 606 with a Dunlop mousse and it was a very HOT race close to 100 degrees and we never changed the wheel and finished with no mousse issues and pulled the mousse after the race and it was still in great shape. If you prep your mousses right you should have no real issues with them breaking down nobody is going 85-95 the whole race. I put about 4-6 ounces of water into the tire after I have lubed up the tire and the mousse so it keeps things lubricated the whole time which keeps temps down. We have also won the Baja 1000 and multiple BITD races so we are competing at high speeds it works if you prep them right and start with a new or newer mousse