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To-Do - Send a fax about Roadless policy


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A Federal Judge has ruled that the Forest Service violated federal law on the roadless policy. The Bush Administration is expected to weigh in by May 4th. go to (just click on the address here) <A target="_blank" HREF=http://responsiblerecreation.policy.net>http://responsiblerecreation.policy.net</A> and login to send a FREE FAX to your Members of Congress urging them to contact the Adminstration on this important issue.

ARRA has recently learned that many groups are mobilizing to put pressure on the Bush Administration to defend the U.S. Forest Service roadless policy before a U.S. Federal Court in Idaho. As you probably know, the roadless policy would severely limit recreational access to many public lands managed by the Forest Service.

This is really simple and easy....

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Did it!! People this is so easy. Take 2 mins and make yourself heard! Also post here when you have completed this to-do. This will help keep this very important post at the top of the list so others are sure to see it. SPEAK OUT!!! Only you can keep our lands open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you can also leave a message at the whitehouse on the phone message board. i have faxed and left messages several times. the roadless program has a definite chance of being thrown out because many of the legislators from the west have increased pressure to get it overturned. this program is not just meant to prevent new roads, but reduces the amount of existing roads by as much as 60%. just after clinton took office, the forest srvice started destroying roads for this plan. even in big bear, roads that had been in existence for over 100 years were blown up. this program not only cuts back on the amount recreational use, but prevents logging, the use of existing fire roads and fire breaks, and isolates some towns in remote areas of nevada, idaho, montana, and washington, making it almost impossible for them to receive outside help during emergencies. during the discussions about this plan, it was clear public input was not acceptable. but it was interesting to watch the forest pio squirm after she told the indians who's land was affected that the federal gov't would deal with 'you people' on a different level. equal but different? from the clinton whitehouse!

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Great job of making it simple for us. I know that many have said it before, but THANK YOU for staying on top of this and bringing the word to the streets!


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I've faxed my elected officials. By participating in efforts to keep our desert and public land open we can ensure that our nation will continue to be governed by a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people." Thank you Paige for all your hard work and determination in efforts to keep our desert open.


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It only takes a couple of minutes. Lets do it!!!

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Ok everyone!!! We need this to get done by EVERYONE!!! Please go to the first post and follow the link. Speak out or be shut out!!!! We don't have much time!!