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Here is a to-do for everyone -

MSNBC is doing a vote to see how much support there is for President Bush and Gale Norton's efforts to open up public lands. The environmentalists are voting in numbers.

Please go to following URL & vote "YES" to show your support to President Bush & Gale Norton in their efforts to save our Public Lands FOR PUBLIC USE ! PUBLIC OPINION is important & right now WE are losing !

go here and vote <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

Please vote as soon as possible. MSNBC often closes these polls after a
very short time, and without notice.


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Here are the results as of the time of this post.....

Let's vote people! You're 2 clicks away from being heard!

* 39319 responses

Yes-Review what Klinton did his last days in office.

No-I prefer that the CBD and Sierra Club make up my mind.

Can't decide

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Not to sound like a pro-eco whacko or anything... but...

Do we really want to allow drilling for oil in nature preserves? I'm all for opening up the land to the public, but I don't want to open it up for rich "folk" so they can bleed it dry and make another bazillion bucks doing it. Tearing up vast amounts of Utah land to extract more coal seems pretty bass ackwards. WTF do we need more coal for? This is 2001 and we still need coal? I can't imagine why my tax money should be spent to subsidize a coal burning powerplant. The whole Bush administration delaying the new standard for arsenic in the water scares me too - do we open up all this land and then pollute ourselves to death? I don't for a second claim to be in tune with how the new "republican" government plans on using this "monument" land - but I know that drilling off the coast of California sucks, and that burning coal is about as environmentally friendly as dumping toxic waste in your drinking water.

How about telling the damn auto companies it's time to release all that top secret high tech gadgetry that allows for 500HP and returns 50MPG?

Go ahead - rip me and my post to shreds... I deserve it - :)


I think that a lot of the environmentalist don't know what desert racing is all about.

I have been watching the races for half a decade (only) now and it turned me into a environmentally aware person. It hurts in my heart to see all the trash in our deserts. Where I used to dump a candy bar wrapper out my window I now care about exactly that.

I would like to vote 100% pro environmental on every issue, BUT unfortunaly these people endanger the sport and lifestyle I elected to follow.


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Just voted - took all of 30 seconds, 2 clicks is all it took. With nearly 40,000 votes in it is 44% yes to 56% no. This is important to the future of what we love - Just do It!


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im all for open land for the people and keeping it clean and such. but if this land they are refering to is opened up for oil exploration or nat. gas it will no longer be open land it will belong to the oil company that is working it. this is why it so hard to come to any one answer on topics like this, we all want freedom to go to an area like this unfortunality so do big companys as well.i think this poll is favored in the no catagory because people are thinking about the big companys going in and destroying it(oil spills,strip mining,open mining,etc.)i bet off roading isnt even on these peoples mind right now. however i still voted yes.


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ok..i voted....
we need open land
we need also people that respect the land, look at the trash in barstow.... and here in Romoland, the city folks come and dump their trash here... we need oil also... our politician are too coward or corrupt to tell the arab country.. we need oil... you need food. lets deal, not just a one way situation, they get, we give, and they laugh at us.
so, we can not change much, we can vote till we are blue in the face and nothing really changes, TILL WE UNITE AND LET OUR SELVES BE HEARD....
jim patelli


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I'm glad you voted...but you need to do a little research. Coal is the #1 source of energy for our power
plants in this country. Nat. gas is cleaner, however, much more expensive and not as easily transported. There is speculation that we will have to start MAKING our natural gas within the next
decade because the world stores are being burned so quickly. They manufacture nat. gas from oil
and COAL. Coal is not as nasty as it once was, our modern scrubbers do a pretty good job and will only get better. If you try to eliminate coal, we will all literally be in the dark. Everyone should stop and think about what "energy" actually is. It is the foodsource for everything we do...EVERYTHING!
Unfortunately, few seem to consider what is involved in energy production. Wait till this summer,
every californian will be rudely awakened by the lack of electricity. Just think, come home from a long day at work, your A/C won't work, no lights, you can't go to the local resteraunt for dinner because
they are dark too. I've already installed a transfer switch for my generator, I know I'm gonna need it.
On another note, we have fuel efficent cars available to us now..anybody you know own one??
hell no, we all drive our SUV's!!! why should detroit develop any more fuel efficent cars when they
can't sell the ones they make now. I've driven the new honda hybrid that gets 70mpg plus, it gets
the job done just fine..but I'm not giving up my GMC just yet. I say start punching holes anywhere
we can harvest energy. Our new technology is environmentally sound. When the last drop is squeezed out of the area, restore the habitat and it will look like we were never there.

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