To spectate ..or not to spectate


Is laughlin worth the drive? Is there any place to watch besides the grandstands?

I am interested in headin out...but dont wanna be dissapointed when the BLM runs me out of somewhere. If anyone nows where to go let me know.



Krittro Campbell
BLM wont run you out...they will stop you, act like asses, and then ticket you. Try to hook up a pitpass.

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just incase you cant get a pitpass , im sure you can park by the grandstands then walk in to the pits.
up on the hill overlooking the final mile and the infield is good , and if you go into the pits you can get pretty close to the course coming back in. (assuming were going the same direction).it gets hairy at times through there and have been a few rollovers.


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If you don't want to pay ten bucks for the grand stands, then go to the spectator freeloader hill across the course, but get there EARLY. I don’t get a pass and I have attended this race for many years. I would say that it is the most spectator friendly desert race.

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Krittro Campbell
"If anyone nows where to go let me know"

GO to the Parker 425. There will be tons of spectator area!

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"I don’t get a pass and I have attended this race for many years. I would say that it is the most spectator friendly desert race." ?????

This race has become a joke for spectating. If it wasn't for the free ride and hotel room, I wouldn't be going this year. The only saving grace is the close proximity to casino's and cocktails.......

They need to open up more spectator areas. Bring back the road jump!!!!!!


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I have attended three Laughlin races and have viewed them from both the pits and the grandstand. This year I am racing Laughlin. Although I seem to be in the minority, I prefer to watch from the grandstand. The big jump is right in front of you and you can see just about the whole infield (which is pretty exciting). Also, its a great way to pick up some good food. The down side...they check you for food and cameras at the gate, so bring a big jacket!!!


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Ok, I was looking forward to going, but I think this post just talked me out of it...

If anyone wants to hook me up with any of those "I wouldn't be going if I didn't have .....'s " let me know....

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I'm in the same boat. This race doesn't seem that fun to go to since you basically have to watch from one spot. Kinda lame!!! I'll wait for San Felipe to go see the big boys play, can't beat mexico, tacos, beer, and TT's!!!!!


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As much as I hate to be stuck watching from 1 or 2 places at Laughlin, I still find it one of the best races. The reason being the amount of times you get to see the cars and some of the speeds they are hitting, not only that but the tight racing. Last year was only the second time I have ever WITNESSED a TT endo right infront of me (Jim Baldwin), the first was John Swift at the 94 Fireworks 250. Racing at laughlin is 110% the whole time. Sure, it would be great to go where ever I wanted but thats the way off road racing is now. I'm glad not all off road races are like this but I do think there is room on the schedule for the Laughlin race. See you at Laughlin....then SAN FELIPE....WooHoo!!!!

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Laughlin = good times.

I go to this race because it's one of the few that's got a Casino/Bar less than 2 miles from the start/finish. There is no "Mexico" involved so my wussy friends can tag along. You can show up Friday night and get in a good 3-4 hours of Casino/Bar fun... take a quick 1-2 hour nap and in less than 5 minutes from your hotel room can watch some pretty darn good racing... spectator hill has a pretty good vantage point and it's free. Sure, it's only one spot but it's one of the best because you can see the entire infield and a pretty fast stretch into and out of the start/finish. I've seen plenty of action from Spectator hill, including Dale Ebberts el-rollo, PCI on fire, Donahoe's infamous SUPER El Rollo, and plenty of others. After the racing the Casino/Bar is there again (walking distance if you aren't fit to drive) for some more fun Saturday night... another quick nap and you've got most of Sunday to spend watching the race while recovering up for the drive home. A few hours later your back home and ready to catch up on lost sleep.

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John Bitting

Jeff has a great point. If you want the trip to suck it will. I myself and group of friends could have a killer time at a bowling tournament so its all about how you look at it. I went to laughlin for years and parked along the highway for free and had a blast. Yes we have media passes now but we dont watch a race through a lens, you dont see much. Most of the time we dont know who is leading unless one us is following the race and the other is filming, so dont think because we get all access we have more fun. I have been on both sides and loved every minute of both of them. Stay positive and maybe with the big crowds they will open up more spectator areas in the coming years.

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Jerry Maguire
I must say that Laughlin is one of the best times you'll have at a race. Its the least stressfull race in terms of chasing as you stay in one spot all race, and it has the most action to watch as you see the racers 5 times on two days. Plus there is always the best parties going on and the all of your non-racer friends can go. Don't miss it!

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this will be my 5th year going to the laughlin race ...i'll be calling in sick to work, missing inventory, to go. it is a great race, and the grandstands are not bad to watch from. contingency is right there to walk around between class races, along with food and beer. it's the easy, convenient race to go to. drinking and gambling just minutes away (two of my other favorite sports), and a whole town filled with prerunner trucks driving around everywhere...
it's your own fault if you dont have a good time there.