To the Guy Who Has The Silver Raptor TT Pre-Runner

Rich Roberts

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Out pre-running on Thursday around RM495ish and my pre-runner got stuck in some silt. Some nice guys yanked me out and when we were rolling up tow strap this guy in a pretty cool (high dollar) Silver Raptor and sounded and looked like a TT. The guy was coming up towards us and we tried to point him to the better line away from my truck but instead he is on the gas heading towards my truck and at the last second he tries to turn out of the ruts and hits the rear of my bedside and tail light (damaging it) then comes right at us so now we have to jump out of the way and he just roosted us and keeps on going! My point to this post is it wasn't during the race and how dangerous his actions were! Not ony the fact that this was only the second time I used my pre-runner and have a lot of hard work and money in it. The guy had dark hair and the truck was silver luxury pre-runner. Any one knows who this is please post or PM me. It doesn't look this nice anymore thanks to this guy! SMH


Mike @ pit b


That sucks! Baja karma will take care of it.


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pic of damage?

Rich Roberts

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Because of this post the guy (No Names Mentioned) that damaged my bedside found my contact info and is taking care of the damage! It just goes to show that there are still stand up people in this world. #HAPPYENDING


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Everyone should note that leaving the scene of an accident in the U.S.A AND Mexico is a criminal offense.

Rich Roberts

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You can’t delete it.
Delete the post.
still a shitbag .
Not even close, this guy was having problems with his rig overheating and stalling out. The reason he was charging was he was trying to catch up to his friend (the one that pulled us out) so he wouldn’t be stuck without any help. He apologized and said he felt like crap all weekend. I am a good judge of character and know he was sincere.


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In a totally unrelated story Rich gave me this poster that was hanging in his may now continue with your regularly scheduled programming...

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