To those who live in Temecula??


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Im possibly planning on moving up there in the near future and wondered if most live there but work elsewhere or? There doesnt appear to be much besides retail jobs in the city. I need to make enough to support a family ($20/hr )
I guess all the hi-tech jobs are in San Diego area. I really dont want to commute to SD as its alot of wear~tear on the car not to mention gas $$ (I est. its 55 miles each way to work in Sorento Valley)

Does anyone live in Temec but work in R-side or?

Also are there any of road shops in Temecula? Im kinda spoiled by ORW in SD.

Thanks for any info.



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My wife used to live there, and I seem to remember that there are some corporate headquarters and manufactures on the west side of the freeway, also a few in Carona to the north.



im live in temecula but im only 20 and still live at home and i drive 3 miles to get to my work. That is totally not the norm here in temecula. I am willing to bet my truck that possibly 75% of the people that live here work somewhere else besides temecula. On the west side of town is where the majorityof the the industrail work is the rest of the work is like yo said in the retail shops. ITs a pretty nice kick back town but there is nothing to do here. We have a mall and movie theaters and a bowling ally thats kinda close and thats it. As, far as off road shops or off roading fun in general there is not much here. We have Temecula Off Road and PErformance, RAW motorsports and different truck stuff shops but the place i would recomened if you wanna but something is in Fallbrook like 20 mins south its Baja Concepts. If i can give you anymore information i am totally willing to so PM me if ya have anymore questions about temecula



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yea i live in murrieta, just a hair north of temecula, its a nice town, kinda a little too crowded for me, industrial stuff is on the south side by Front street. Other than that most of my jobs have been comuting up to 100 miles a day. Orange County and Laguna Niegil for the most part.

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Riverside and Corona are about 40 miles north and plenty of "good" jobs can be found there. Ontario is about another 10 miles and I'm sure jobs are in abundance.There seems to be quite a few companies building depots and logistics centers in the Perris area also.



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doug-ACS is one of the big employers in temec. they produce airway and pacemaker/defibrulator parts and other medical/health items. several guys i work with have spouses/family members that work there and all seem very happy. i think international rectifier is there also. corona and riverside are not far away and perris is poised to become the next industrial center of socal. that is about 10-15 north.

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Doug and Martin,

Its not ACS anymore is Guidant now and they are an excellent place to work if your qualified for there work. but also, they have a very low paying assembly line so its a good place to get a summer job for a kid or something like that but thats really all i know. One of my best friends dads a Plasma Engineer there i believe and he makes a whole lot of money. Also on thing i know is if you are fortunate enough to get a job there they give awsome bounses like i heard 50% and up. Also internal rectifier is all the way west on Rancho Caljust before you start to go up the hill. dunno much about them though. micro chips i think or somethin like that


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um my sister lives out there...i go there a lot....its really hot, and there are good jobs, and whatnot. she has lots of acreage, they planted grapes, but before they did that, she took he old ford and jumped it of a dirt pile! w00t!

i like to jump/drift