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Todd Richards’ Little Mac 1990 Chevy S10

Off-Road racing is approaching its 50th anniversary, finally making it old enough to enjoy and celebrate some of its history. The effect that NORRA has had on the idea of restoring and racing vintage off-road vehicles is a welcomed revival of fantastic stories of man mastering machines to take on the seemingly impossible task of racing and winning a off-road race consisting of hundreds miles of brutality.

For Todd Richards growing up in east county of San Diego, childhood heroes weren’t limo riding baseball and football stars. They were off-road racers with fantastically capable vehicles that seemed to defy gravity racing through the roughest desert terrain possible.


Todd Richards' Little Mac 1990 Chevy S10 - race-deZert.com


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I have a front 1/4 panel that I still need Larry to sign.
Jeff was having mechanical issues in big mac @ Primm one year. Larry was putting on a clinic driving Lil Mac & decided to bump big mac up by the Horseshoe. Well It's all fun and game tell the 6500lb truck doesn't quite move like Your 4500lb truck does.

Short story:
We helped Them change lil mac's tire & misc broken front end parts. Larry still won the Race, Ya he's that cool. lol


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IS this truck a sister truck to the S&S or what ever s10 that burned in the San Diego fires years ago?


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I'm sorry to hear that about the Roesler truck.
Sorry did mean to sidetrack the thread.
You have A very nice truck TRichards.


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Does anyone know how many Little Mac's there were total? Wasn't there one that was linked in the rear?


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4 extended cabs 1987, 1990 (Mine), 1994 and 1999 (linked) and 3 early standard cabs.
The 1994 Roseler/S&S truck burned in the Witch Creek fire in San Diego in 2007. The 87 and 99 trucks went overseas to South Africa. 99 truck was raced in Dakar then disappeared.
Oh man, are you getting ready to start S-10 tours of Baja???
It's always ranger this raptor that, FINALLY some S-10 tours!
Will you guys start up S-10 underground?


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How are you getting that 9"s of travel up front to work so good. I'm fixing up Pistol Pete late 80's Dodge D50. I found it and it was literally in storage for 20 years. Original yokohamas are not even dry rotted. Were going to test with them!! We are able to get eleven inchest out of front. We do not want to do any Fab work other than strengthening weak areas. So far haven't found that many. Our goal is to leave it as original as possible. Our problem is we can't fit a bypass up front. So we're going with original 2" Bilstein coilovers and 2.5 smoothbodies per side up front. It originally had 2 2" Bilstein coilovers and 2 bilstein yellow non resorvoir shocks per side. I see you are fortunate to have a bypass.....I guess that will make that 9"s seem like a lot more.


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There are 3- 60mm shocks so when you calculate the fluid volume and piston sizes its like a 6.5" shock. It also has custom 2 stage (big)torsion bars. It rides real good. I don't beat on it in the big holes. Its fast in two track and has a big top end for sand washed and powerline roads