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What you see below was just an idea a week or so ago. Nicole @ NiCE Embroidery turned this idea into reality. This was done at an UNBELIVEABLY AFFORDABLE price. In fact, the price is so good, it's too cheap NOT do this. You owe it to yourself to customize your gear. NiCE also does hats, shirts, helmet bags, whatever. Totally pro quality. (In fairness to her, she did not do the part that says "Toolmaster Racing").

NiCE can be reached at:

(Sorry for this kind of post on a day other than Sunday, but I am not near a computer on Sunday's).

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Tim, What about having some "FORMULANINE.COM" patches made that us "9" guys can buy and sew on our driving suits? ...just a thought.
And I'd like to get some decals for the car too!!
What do you think?

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Mike/Cameron/everyone, yes patches could be made. Hats too. As you know, has never tried to sell anybody anything. But, I am so impressed with the quality of this embroidery, that I guess it's time to change that. Remember, NiCE can put virtually anything in stitching.

As for stickers, I just had some more made, and will have them at the Kartek 400. They are free to all Class 9 drivers. If you can't be there, just email me an address to send them to. The stickers are white, but if there's enough demand for another color, I can do that too.

Thanks for your interest,