Too old for class 9


Class 9 seems like a class I could afford???Ha! Ha! I know we are talking about off road racing! Is 42 to old to race in such a limited class. I grew up with a ball joint- swing axle baja bug and it was a hell of alot of fun to drive. It looks like the class 9 cars would blow my old baja away. What do you guys racing 9 cars think? Thanks for any info.

Mike @ pit b

You don't stop racing because you get old, you get old because you stop racing. :cool:

Sure it'll be a rough ride, but it'll be worth it. :)


Nimrod de PMC
yes 42 is tooo old for class 9 but so is 18:D
that being said, the DOR for the 16 i ride in is almost 50(i think) and hes still purty darn fast... so get after it!


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I hope you like pissing blood how is the back? better not be too large in the mid section
that hurts to.


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My dad is 48 this year, and Races class Nine.

My grandma raced with him till she was 62.

You are not too old. You may not be able to walk for a few days after, but you can tell stories till you're dead.


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Not too old at all, my dad and uncle are both 41 and currently race class 9! Go for it!!!


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DuWayne you are right in the age bracket as most of us..... you will be fine!

Get yourself a 9 car and get out there. There are a few for sale right now.


You guys are awesome!!!
I kinda figured it would be a rough ride, but its great to hear all the enthusiasm!!(Yes I did have too look up the correct spelling for that word) I did notice a few cars out there for sale. Any other advice??
You guys seem like you are having alot of fun and I am ready for a better spectating view.
Thanks again for the input.


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Mike Stroh was an old fart still racing class nine... I'm sure you could do it.. building it is half the fun anyways!


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Rent a Ride in a 2 seat class 9 and see how you like it , if you dont like it you have nothing to sell

Post a thread in the C/9 fourm to rent a seat for a upcoming race I am sure you will get a reply

If you buy a car buy a good used car that has a history of wins ... you will spend your time racing instead of chasing new car blues and want to race not do R&D

The opportunity to race in the Ca. deserts are quickly evaporating so do it now and rember it, is better to live rich than die rich also it is better to be a has been than a never been at all

And as far as age , Beny Cannela is 74 , he won this years 1000 driving class happy your only 48