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Top 10 Coolest Buggies??


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Land shark for sure!!! Except Monster ruined it by painting it black, needs to go back to OG Red!!!!!


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I'm partial to Nick Baldwin's Class 1....I like the jet boat look.

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Wondering if that was the race that Robby drove the car at the BITD race by Valley Of Fire back in 1999-ish? Robby put HIS shocks on the car and took off the Nye Frank watercooled air shocks. I LOVED the look of it and it was totally different from anything, 4WD and all, seemed to have a lot of problems making the 4WD live and was a basket case on the handling if you lost front wheel drive. I was at the BITD race when RG was driving and he was ON THE PIPE!!! Car is in the classifieds now but is back with the watercooled air shocks......


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I'm not going to take credit for coming up with the bump stop idea, that we took from John Johnson. John actually gave me the Datson Part# when we built the car. However the front end (and rest of the car) was set up by us. Once front bypass tubes were added to the car, the bump stops weren't necessary.

OK, I was too young at the time to remember if my dad had a 5 speed. I can only go by what he tells me. He says he did not run a 5th gear. He admits having staight cut gears, and says they ran a 5 speed gear set with a spacer in the 5th gear spot. Which was not specified in the rule book as illegal, (as far as I know). That is what he tells me. No one ever accussed him of running a 5 speed in 1/2 1600, and that is the class he won the most races in!

I picked up a Hot VW Mag this weekend and read that Marcus has won the Baja 500 7 times with our old car. I know Brindle won it at least twice! Almost 10 Baja 500 wins!

Probably the most impressive thing about the car is that it has the original rear bumper/cage on it with very little damage!! For an old racer like myself, that translates to always runnig up front!!
I got an older 5/1600, still have that part #? Any photos of mount setup?



I'm partial to Nick Baldwin's Class 1....I like the jet boat look.

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I saw this thing in Ensenada getting prepped a few days before that infamous Baja 1000 where that teams helicopter crashed into the power lines. That was a while back and I should have detail pictures of it somewhere. Searching now.

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1998 I converted my 2 seat raceco into a single seat mid engine V8 600HP clocked 130 MPH, I was only V8 buggy racing the SCORE 1999 Primm 300, besides the truggy, which is why we built the car to run some power against Herbst, we did have great battle at Fireworks 250, but I g-out so hard broke the bellhousing from impact.. Car was rolled by
friend at 100 MPH and had to lay to rest.. RIP