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Top 10 Off Road Movies?


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I had bought a couple off road movies some years back but then stopped. I would like to get some more now but with the influx of so many over the last few years how do you know which ones are the best. I thougt it would be fun for people to list there top 10 favs in order.


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1.- Dust to Glory
2.- Dezert People 5
3.- Robbie Gordon Unplugged
4.- Dezert People 3
5.- Baja Flo Series...


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It is corny and old, but On Any Sunday is cool if you like bikes.


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For sure!!! On Any Sunday is really cool, it shows you where the sport came from and gives you a really good appreciation for it.


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DP3 is my favorite of the series, both Riviera movies are good also lots of good footage as well as Wasteland Warriors 1


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My picks would be-
1 Dust to glory
2 BajaFlo 1, 2 and the new 3 looks good too
3 Dezert People 3, 4, 5
4 Wasteland Warriors
5 Saturday


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like what everybody up above has posted i like, but i like watching the smaller series racing too (mdr, more) so you can't go wrong with anything bonzen makes or the built from nothing dvd! I haven't seen any of the new ones that are out now so i'll have to wait till tomorrow to check them out! BTW stay away from the Changed DVD cause all it shows is the same trucks jumping over and over but from diffrent angles!


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the bajaflo series is top notch. MFLO puts alot a heart into his vids, thats why they come out above the rest. the 3rd installment is above any vid out there. the DP series is in a close second.
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Dan McMillin

Beat The Baja kicks most the "movies" listed heres' a s s. VHS must be non-existent now a days..Shame.
Dust To Glory was "cool".
BajaFlo(s) just makes me want to cry with joy.
Dezert People series is just plain sick.
Cactus, 4 days, the play-by-play players are always a hit.

Anything else is, well....uh
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TIMERIDER- produced and directed by former member of the Monkeys and off road racer Michael Nesmith.

Wasson Racing

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1- On Any Sunday
2- Dust To Glory
3- Baja Flow 1 and 2
4- Enduro at Erzberg 2006 IF you like Dirt Biking Movies


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huge fan of entire Bajaflo series and Dezert People series. mflo is taking the movies to a new level though i think. also like dust to glory and dirt addictions 1/2.

still can watch my first desert movie ever anytime. Rockin & 4-Wheelin....i still have it on VHS. probably have owned this movie for around 15 years.


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What do you guys think of "Robby Gordon Unplugged"? I know it's older but I came across a trailer for it today and it looks good. Worth buyin?
First and always first is On Any Sunday. With that being said here are some more in my book,
2) Dust to Glory
3) The jump scene in The Great Escape
4) All Mad Max movies because they're all filmed in the desert
5)The Car, because a blacked out Lincoln killing people in the desert is a great premise.
6)Convoy, because they did some off-road trucking and Ali Mcgraw was in it and she banged Steve McQeen, the coolest man to ever live.
Thats it for now but when I think of some others you'll hear about it first.