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Top 10 Off Road Movies?


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Old thread resurrected.

Remember this one?

Never seen that one before, pretty awesome movie, skip to 1:02:00 for the B1K.
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I had bought a couple off road movies some years back but then stopped. I would like to get some more now but with the influx of so many over the last few years how do you know which ones are the best. I thougt it would be fun for people to list there top 10 favs in order.
I like 'em all. Although I must be getting old since I love the footage but get tired of those that are a non-stop "hard rock" video, I'd be happy just listening to the engines. Dust to Glory is my tops.
I thougt it would be fun for people to list there top 10 favs in order.
Guys, check out a NEW OFF ROAD MOVIE!

Full disclosure, I'm one of the filmmakers. Just came across this thread and wanted to get the word out. I became a fan of Short Course after working on this movie. I'm happy to answer any question you guys have about the movie!
Our goal was to make a kick-ass movie that would bring more eyes to the sport. An off-road "Days of Thunder".

"DIRT" (2018) Starring Kevin Dillon, set in the world of Lucas Oil Off Road!

It's a movie you can watch with the whole family. Action, comedy, car-guy talk, and even a little heart...

REVIEW: Got DIRT? A Racing Film for the Ages. .. - Racing Information Service News

Where to find it:
Dirt (2018) | GoWatchIt

Trailer (doesn't even do it justice, trust me!)

30 sec trailer

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Awesome movie I’ve only had it since Saturday and have watched it 3 times already lol . Especially like the included Lucas patch since I collect them . ( only available if purchased at Walmart )