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RPM Lady

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Aug 23, 2009
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Glendale, CA
Jeanne. Big sister to Craig Fullerton, navigator for the Pro Truck team of Ryan Staats, who told me about your site. Yes, very happy this morning with the win of their division, and 12th OA! I've been into racing my whole life, our Dad was a Jalopy driver back in the 40s, early 50s. My first love is NASCAR because that's what I cut my teeth on. But needless to say, I'm a big off-road fan because of my brother's involvement. I've been glued to my PC last 3 days relaying info. My brother says I'm now the "Eye in the Sky". So I guess you could say that's definitely my "future plans in respect to desert racing." :) As far as my vehicle? It's a 1989 Honda Prelude SI 2.0 liter with 4-wheel steering. I love going fast on mountain roads! I'm currently on disability unfortunately, so my days are filled with my critters, (Bunny named Dozer & Cat - Diana), music (I listen to almost everything), reading, pc games. But most of all if there is a race on, I'm watching it. Be it NASCAR, Off-road, Indy, Formula 1, Sprints, etc, etc.... If it's got four wheels and goes fast, I'm there! A friend and I are season ticket holders at California Speedway, so I'm so excited about a "Chase Race" in October for the first time!!!

Wishing Pro Truck team of Ryan Staats GOOD LUCK for rest of season!

See you at the races, Jeanne