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ATTN ALL 1450 Racers racing this weekends SNORE RAGE AT THE RIVER, I HAVE SOME COOL NEWS!!!

With thanks going to @SDHQ , SNORE, and Kenny Freeman, I was able to put together a nice little prize for one of you this weekend.

We're calling this the Top Speed Challenge. There's two rules.

1. You have to be the fastest.
2. You also have to finish.

We will have a radar gun at the first highway crossing both days this weekend during the 1450 heats. We will clock and record your speed every lap at this location. The guy who goes through there the fastest (and doesn't DNF either day) WINS a $250.00 SDHQ gift card.

There is no second place. There is no averaging every lap together.
This is all about getting the high score. That's it.

In the event of a tie, we will use the second fastest time to determine the winner.

You don't have to sign up or anything. If you are registered to race you are automatically entered.

Please share this/tag people etc.

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Awesome! Please tell me someone will be filming this for those of us that can't be there.


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That's Dan for ya. Anything to add a little excitement to an otherwise boring day.



It'd be cool if this was given out, along with the gift certificate ...

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Bdub 1020

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Love it Dano FAST and Finish! No free Libtard everyone gets a trophy handouts/ just get it on. Love the shirt


Krittro Campbell
Is the road crossing open for beer drinking and spectating or is the highway closed as usual?


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Current fastest today was truck 1455 Keith Smith at 85 mph.

BUT everyone gets to try and beat his high score tomorrow.

Fun fact- I clocked most of the unlimited trucks today also. Their high score was only 1 mph higher.

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Some of those "purpose built" race cars aren't very impressive.


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So who won the challenge?
Congrats to my friend Nick Isenhouer on the championship.


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I think Dan is waiting on official results to post it. (To make sure the winner didn't DNF).


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How off was his gun. We were right at 80 to 82 mph. Had people say they were doing anywhere from 92 to 112. That's a big difference.
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I'll just leave this right here.

Can't win. Didn't race Sunday. I'm just busting Dans chops.


How off was his gun. We were right at 80 to 82 mph. Had people say they were doing anywhere from 92 to 112. That's a big difference.
I knew I was gonna hear about this... Lol

I compared the guns abilities with the blm Rangers fancy built in radar system. We were very close to each other on speed scores. Like 2 mph off at 99 mph. The difficulty is knowing that we were getting our reading at the exact same spot/moment. For sure we were pretty close. Like really really close.

The method for tagging everyone as they came by was done so that it was as consistent as possible with the gun I had. While the guns score might have been inaccurate with what the in car gps may show the gun was absolutely consistent with this so it should be to scale and even.

Going forward it is my plan to continue doing the "Top Speed Challenge" at select events in 2016 and beyond.

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