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Jan 27, 2008
TORC Down with PPP:

The Pro Pit Party hosted by Traxxas in Crandon went off and rocked the house as the drivers went head to head on the mini Crandon RC track and then stepped over for an official organized autograph session. The fans lined up and the drivers delivered a most memorable up close and personal experience. “This is just what the drivers needed to connect with their fans". It’s allot of fun for all of us stated multi championship winning driver Rob MacCachren.

Early on it was Scotty Taylor running the new Big Blue primary sponsor colors of Miller Welding on his Traxxas Slash replica who dominated the field only to fall off to the overwhelming and punishing push by Rockstar’s #99 RC/P4 driver Kyle Leduc. Kyle swept the field earning his name on the Traxxas CUP which will be on display once again in the LeDuc Rockstar Makita pit in Perris CA. Sept 25-26. Kyle takes the position from brother Todd who was the standout in Bark River keeping the cup once again in the family and under the same roof for two consecutive races. Winner of the “hell on wheels” award went to Brian Deegan of the Metal Mullisha who keep the track workers scrambling for their lives as his “freestyle” driving skills lit up the track. The event was announced by none other than Scott Rehn calling all the shots and play by plays of his favorite cadre of drivers.

Congrats to Kyle. With two more races coming (Perris CA. and Las Vegas NV.) the Winner of the overall will be awarded the Grand Prize in Las Vegas at the Pro Driver Championship Banquet ceremony.

”It’s really amazing to see just how talented these drivers really are with their RC skills. We’re really pleased with the past two PPP events and plan on growing this fan based experience to new heights. It gives the drivers some time to relax and have some fun. Sponsors get their teams much needed exposure and the fans just love it".



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