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Tortion Bars SUCK!!!

Arrr! Well I just got back from Ocotillo Wells. It was a big night last night there was a ton of people there. We were hanging out at Devil's Slide most of the time and of cource people were jumping it. So I go and jump it 3 times but I wasent getting far enough so I hit it at 45MPH and I landed almost at the bottom but the damn SAW tortion stripped out!!!

Stuck in the desert with a broken tortion, great. I didnt have much with me and I had ductape and there were lots of rocks! So after a bit of trying to figure out what to do this is what I came up with

Check out how that back bumpstop actually bent up!

Well it worked, I got it to get just enough clearence so the tire wasent rubbing. Half way home I had to get new rocks in there though cause the other ones broke :)

I thought tortion bars were suppost to be stronger than that heh. Looks like its time to get those coil-overs on there!

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I saw your truck, I was hauling around in my friends Blazer. Your truck is DOPE! I have the same dilemma as yourself. I have a 94 chevy Z71, that I want to do coilovers, the whole works, once I have it all planned out. How do you like the Cadillac Kit? My girlfriends 92 Toy might be getting the treatment soon. Has anyone put the kit on a 22re truck? Hope you get that fixed, plate steel and a mig welder would fix your prob in a jiffy, until the coilovers come in.


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Did the torsion bar strip, or the socket? We are running the SAW 300mm bars on our race truck and haven't had a problem yet. Knock on wood!

Ryno: The kit is awesome! Its so much nicer than stock heh. Yea I made it home, I just started driving home at like 3:00am so I would get ahead of all the traffic.

SDrapes: They are SAW 300M tortions.

Jason: Well thats a good question, I havent taken it apart yet I will take it off tomorrow and let you guys know. I am very interested as well.

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Honestly - I have nothing constructive to add here. But I saw the title of this post and I had to laugh. This is why I have I-beams and coils ;)

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i think if you have the race torsions witch are the 300m ones jason is talkin about you woulnd have that prob because you might have been twisting that torsion too far. on sway-a-ways web site they have a spec sheet that tells you how much a torsion can twist. oh yeah how do you like the total chaos set up? i have been looking at it for a while and i am saving up for it and some bypasses. also how hard was the install? thanks laters


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I am running the SAW 300MM tortion bars! heh. I cant get the rear can off the damn bar to see which is stripped out. I think the threads are all mashed together and thats why it wont come off.

I love the Total Chaos kit. Its great!

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You most likely stripped out the OEM splined socket that the T-bars fit into, the 300M is much harder than OEM parts, so the the sockets will most likely fail first, Remember that the rest of the truck was designed around stock torsion bars, the loads that you are putting on the suspension due to the stiffer t-bars is much greater than what was intended. There is nothing wrong with T-bar suspension, you are just finding the weakest link, It's like putting on stiffer shocks and them the stock shock mount breaks, or swapping a motor and the transmission or rearend breaks.