Total domination by the AWD trucks at Baja 1000

randy s

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not to doubt Nasser but he did NOT have dust to contend with and I figure they would NOT have finished like they did if it was a normal Baja 1000. Yes they did fantastic but starting in the back with major dust changes everything but if they get the chance to start up front I see them fighting for the win no doubt
that's true that the lack of dust makes passing easier and they had the luxury of a week prerunning but dayum.. toby price passed over 15 trophy trucks and several bikes in brand new untested truck with virtually no seat time and even put it on it's side...and no one else did that

billy evans

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Rally raid you mean? Nothing new or all of a sudden for me my friend - there's a few of us on here that follow the Dakar every January. You'll find that in the Rally raid section.
Anyways, roll on the AWD TT truck banter. Apologies for veering off course!
Yep... Last year was super fun following along during Dakar with everyone. To say those guys aren't working hard is not true. Seeing their faces at the end of the stage last year and before the Marathon stage was telling. They all looked beat up.

Andy Mac

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I am having a hard time trying to understand the argument between 2wd and AWD. Some racers want 2wd because they want what is proven, and some want to be on the cutting edge and push the sport further forward. To each their own for sure. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. The different vehicles and different approaches to strategy is what makes our sport so great.

For the record, Toby and Nasser did an EXTRAORDINARY job at the Baja 1000, I don't care what the conditions were. Nasser had a whopping 10-15 test miles in the race truck before the race, and Toby has some experience in Bryce's and Jesse's AWD TT but that doesn't take anything away from what either of them were able to accomplish. It was very impressive as there were many areas on this track to throw the race away. Hats off to those two and I know we will see them back for more in the future.
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Wendell #527

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I don’t think there is any doubt 4WD is faster than 2WD overall. Stadium racing proves that it is at least in short races. The reliability part is debatable but 4WD will only become more reliable in the future. It’s not like more development will make them less reliable. It’s coming.