Toyota bellhousing adapters

Does anyone know of, or have access to transmission bellhousing conversion info.

a) 4l60E/700R4 adapter to fit Toyota 3.4L V6

Or perhaps a company that makes a manual valve body, reverse pattern/ shift kit conversion for the A340F Toyota automatic transmission

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Curtis Guise

There is a place back east called Level 10 that will modify the valve body to hold up to more power (Supercharger) but it costs $600. You pull it and ship it to them.
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please post here if you find anything else out. Eventually I will have to do something to mine since I am running a supercharger. But the truck will be under construction for a while so I have some time.
Thanks guys but as far as I know Advance Adapters sells exactly the opposite of what I need. And I talked quite a bit with Sam at Level10 over the past couple of months. I would like to be able to completely rule out the 700R4 mated up to the 3.4L V6, before I go that route. Because on top of that I have to also do a complete race rebuild on whichever transmission I go with.

Here's another company that sells racing and performance kits for all Domestic trans:

they are very inexpensive. If I remember right a manual valve body kit was about $80.00 and a full high performance racing rebuild kit w/ Kolene plates, performance frictions, overrunning clutches, etc... was about $158.00 for the 700R4.

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