toyota brakes


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I would have to say that using zip ties and tie wire would be on the ghetto side of things but if you make an aluminum bracket like i did it looks and works fine. the vavle body doesn't hurt anything by being there and it is a hell of alot less work to pin it in the propper position then re-due all the hard lines on the back half of the truck. If it was a race truck id say go for it, but for the pavement pounders on here the bracket will work great. I have seen many reputable shops do this to many toyotas.


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looking at the master cylinder from the from next to the drivers side tire, there is a line at the front of the master cylinder, and one in the middle. i removed the one in the middle and put a plug in it, and removed the entire line. i then put a wilwood proportioning valve on the remaining line, and ran a braided line from there to the axle. you just go on a empty street, get some speed, and slam on the brake, and you can tune it to get the tires to lock up at the same time. i had to many close calls having the rod cut, it only cost about 50 bucks to make the modifications, and it made the brakes work a lot better.