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Toyota Gauges


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For the past week I have been trying to install my new gauges in my 93 Toyota. I've gotten them all pretty much hooked up, except for my speedometer. My factory sender is electronic and that is why I got the electronic progamable speedo (auto meter). Now I've called auto meter and they have tried to help, my factory wiring digram doesn't really help at this point, and toyota was no help (they wanted me to bring it in to have a tech look at it). Has anyone out there done this install or have any ideas on how to find the signal wire needed to make my gauge work.


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Hmm I will be doing this soon with my '92. How do you know if its electronic or not?

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what i've heard from toyota is that mid 93 model year they switched from cable to electronic. But to be sure look at the pass side of the transmission by the driveshaft, there should a cable or a sensor with three wires coming out of the top.


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I don't know how to test that either but I was curious if you had any pics of what you have done? Did you put in a new dashboard also? I'll be doing gauges, a dash, and a cage all at the same time so the less things to worry about the better.

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For the time being I just copied the factory cluster and put 4 gauges in the stock area (H20, Tach, Speed and fuel) and I have volts and oil pressure on the floor under the radio. When I do my cage I may make a new dash or rework the factory dash more. I don't have any pictures of it yet, but I'll be at barstow saturday morning at start/finish on saturday at the start of the race if you would like to check it out then.


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Can't you look at the wires coming out of the sender on the transmission and then go into the instrument cluster wire loom and find the same colors and then just trial and error of the 3 wires? Just a thought.


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just make sure not to throw 12 volts into the speedo on the wrong terminal....

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A mechanical speedo will have a cable going from the transmission to the gauge cluster while an electronic speedo will have a wire instead.