Toyota Glass compatability 84-88=89-95?


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Want to put 89-95 front glass on my girls 85 Toyota. I measured from the body line at the door to the front of the corner marker on my 85 and my 94 and found the distance to be about 45". Aside from buying the correct corner lamps, will it work?

Once that is tackled, she will do the rear 89-95 bedsides to match and make people guess.


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I beleive the widndsheild-fender-door area (in front of mirror) do not match. I remember looking at them side by side when I was looking for glass. Found a deal on some newer model fenders for my 84". and they did not match up enough for me.

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They won't work. The slope of the front of the door is different on the body styles. Also on the older trucks, some off the top rear of the fender extends up the front window sill past the door a little bit. The new body style fenders stop almost flush at the door. I was looking to do the same thing on my old 84, R.I.P., when I put fiberglass on her, but after some close examination I found they wouldn't line up at all.