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Toyota Ignition Troubles


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Hey Guys I was just wondering if anybody out there knows of a test procedure for an Igniter. It's the part that attaches to the coil. My Truck quit running the other day, it tries to idle but cuts out after about 3-5 seconds. I ran a diagnosis on it and it gave me a code that said that the ECM was not recieving a proper signal from the igniter. I was hoping that one of you guys would know what to do short of buying a new one (I would like to see if it is broken before I run out and buy a new one)
Thanks in advance, Skyler


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Well, usually the test you did is the one that would send you on your way to the parts house to get a new one. I don’t think there is another way of testing it short of pulling it and finding some place that could bench test it. Anyone else got more on this?



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Hey Shaun, thanks for the expert advise! It turned out to be something really stupid and I feel like an ass for not seeing it in the first place. It seems that the ground wire that runs from the battery to the fenderwell had broken off. I didn't know that the whole trucks computer system would be so delicate, but I guess it is. I hooked up the wire and the thing fired right up. I'm glad I didn't pay the 400.00 dollars that the Toyota dealer wanted- I woulda' been pissed!