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toyota long travel


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alright guys..and girls..i have a 89 toyota 4x4..if im going to put a long travel kit..i.e. limo kit with the t100 axels. how do you go about the torsion bar.. do you remove it and run a coil over?

thanks in advance

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I'm not familiar with the T-100 aspect, what's that ?

My take on the torsion bar vs coil overs is how far do you want to take things ? A coil is nothing more than a helical torsion bar. The $$ difference is in what you have to do to anchor each end.
If max ease of tunability is important, then coil overs are the way to go. It's not that torsions can't be tuned so much as the effort and expense to do so is greater than with coils.
If you aren't going to be regularly changing torsions because of fatigue or for varying track/course conditions then I don't see any point in doing it.
I'm making the assumption from the wording of your question that this is a street driven truck and not a race truck. If it's a race truck then disregard above.

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sorry i was talkin about the caddy kit i dono were i got limo from...


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If you plan on utilizing the T-100 front axle than coilover is not really an option with the Caddy Kit, as it will not fit past the axle (as far as I know). What I would recomend is a King bypass shock, that is what I am running with my Caddy Kit. While some people get stuck on the thought of "coilovers in front," bypass shocks can have their advantages and some may argue that they are better for some applications. As for the torsion bar, unless it is a race truck a Sway-A-Way torsion would be just fine, and costs about $100 a pair, if you really want to get crazy a 300M torsion by SAW would be the extreme way to go.