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toyota power steering


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i've got an 88 toy 2wd with ATS long travel goodies, but all stock steering, currently. first, i want power steering-do i go with stock toy power steering stuff from the local junkyard, or another alternative??? and opinions, please???? and how about beefing up the steering components??? ATS has a steering upgrade, so do some others. any thoughts???? this isn't a race truck, it's just for fun, and it's my daily driver, so any one with any info/ideas, please feel free to reply.

thanks all.....


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Gary, I have not seen a lot of toyotas with more than gusseted idler arms, i have had the sotck steering componants on my 84 since i've owned it. and i have beat the hell out of it with no problems. Last sunday at the Inland preunner meeting there was a coilover toyota (Pics on the prerunner private board) with the stock stuff on it skying over a road jump, I say go with the junk yard power and go for it.

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We used 1994 4WD Power steering box and pump on our '86 2wd class 7s Toy. It did not have power steering so a little fab work was needed, drilling the frame, sleeving it ect. to get it to fit. We've had no problems yet. We also went with the ATS steering components. Also, if you stay with the stock Idler arm and pound your truck, you won't be able to come even close on allignment since they go pretty fast even when gusseted, at least that has been my expierence. Hope it helped.



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hey Loser
Is your toy a 2 or 4 wheel drive. im building a 84 4 wheel for prerun and have only seen a couple of front differential trucks set up for running.


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I'd go with the JY parts. If you were talking about a ram also then I'd say the yota pump ain't up to it, but for just a box go with stock.
As I was reading this I was wondering if the IFS 4wd box might be a good upgrade. Sounds like it might be.

I'd go with the TC idler arm.


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this one hits home , i'm doing my steering right now. (88 toy 2wd) first off i went with a long travel kit ,but found they gave me longer tie rods that would fit the stock centerlink . i'm sure its done for those who do not want to buy aftermarket steering kits . well the stock centerlink might be good for 4 -6 in" of travel its not very good for say 16" and above. so i make new tierods and modify a centerlink to work (the tierod mounting holes are to far apart ) next up grade to a 4x4 powersteering box , much bigger. and have to custom make a pitman arm for the right drop to match the idler arm . and the holes don't match so gusset & drill .

TC. help me out .


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ha! i had to do a double take, since i didn't remember posting any steering questions lately. 2001??? yikes!

i never did anything to the steering on that damn truck...and now it sits, rusting....