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Toyota Rear Spings


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I was wondering If it was a good idea to remove the factory overload spring (the short thick one one the bottom) to smoothen out my ride from the factory pack. It has two main leaf's and the overload one. I have a 93' 2wd Toyota that I will eventually put a race pack on. I also have a set of lift shackles that I took off ( the factory shackles are on at the moment). I heard that lift shackles will flatten out the leaf pack. Should I put them back on or leave the factory shackles on.



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removing the overload spring may soften up the ride some but it may lower it a very small bit and you wont be able to have the carrying capicity that you would with it in


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If you are planning to go to a race pack then just get used to it being stiff. The over load does not really effect ride if it is the flat type I am thinking of. It is there for exactly what it name implies, overload. Longer shackels are okay as long as they are of high quality. Don't go to big though, very unstable! You will gain travel with longer shackels but you may need to remove the stock sway bar if you have one. I am not sure how much you plan to do with your truck, just remember to keep weight in the rear! If you don't believe me then go put a couple 90# bags of cement in the back of you truck and drive around. It will ride so much better! Hope this helps some......



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I have been building Toyota's for a long time and i would say take the overload out if you want but like the other post said its flat so it isn't in the way. As far as the longer shackle it is not going to you wheel travel unless you have bigger "longer" than stock shocks, and also if you put the shackle in the stock
location yes, you will raise your truck but it will ride like crap because the shackle angle it needs to be kicked back not strait up and down.


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Good question. I was wondering about the same thing, except for a 99 Tacoma Prerunner that has an overload leaf that curves downward a little bit. A couple of posts mention that leaving the stock, flat overload leaf is OK. Am I correct to guess that it is also OK to leave a stock, yet slightly curved (downward) overload? My guess is that if it curves slightly downward, the top curvature where the leaf pack sits acts a smooth pivot point allowing the leaf pack to curve downward at that point. For what it's worth, the stock leaf pack on the Taco prerunners are flat.

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