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Hello my name is Diego and I just bought myself a 1997 Toyota T100 2WD 5-speed, and i'm trying to get some help on how to make a simple prerunner right now, something I can hop in and go to baja. What do you guys recommend? were can I find parts? any tips and tricks would be nice, it was hard enuff to search for a lift kit, had to go with ball joint spacers to lift.


jon coleman

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stock toyota is as close to factory bomb proof as you can get!, stay away from' lift kits' just to get a 'look',my 85 sr5 was 400k bone stock except a tube upper A arm to fit 2 old bilstiens,it was my training tool for off road driving, list ,; shock s, good ones, limmiter straps, good tires, the biggest that will fit& rubb alittle bit, oh, a locking rear diff, .and a gooood , looooongg tow strap, other good threads here on rDc on your topic.j

Tube ride

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I would call Yotamasters in corona ca. If your looking for bolt on parts or good advice on how to start a budget build those dudes are honest and have built many of them.