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Toyota Truck Build Questions

Mike Kegs

Active Member
Hello fellow enthusiasts!

I'm mid build on my Toyota Truck build and would like some advice from the experienced on how to compliment or package the drivetrain. Needing advice or rear axle bolt pattern and 4 corner brake setup.

Whats left of the chassis is 1989 Truck.

Build details:
MLRE 427LS-Solid Roller Block produces just shy of 800
ATD TH400 (Reid Cased)

The front IFS is from Total Chaos and the hubs are Gold Line. 5x4.5 pattern.

Rear axle will be a spooled 9", full float. Brakes in the rear will be easier than the front.

Anyone have tech advice for converting from wheel bolt pattern to match what will be out back? Not sure what brakes are up there now, but with great power comes the need for great braking. I would like to run the chaos kit up front, not looking to change yet.

Also, 9" third member advice? Anyone to go with specific? Strange was my initial thought. Ill take advice on rear FF hubs as well.


Mike Kegs

Active Member
Update. Went with a Camburg Fab 9". Needing to convert front to 5x5.5 now....Should have that chased down soon.