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Hey anyone with a toyota I was just wandering what exhaust setup you run? and if you have noticed a difference with a header If you had one? Thanxs For the info I just curious on what setup you all think is the best for preformance? P.S. My truck is off-road only so smog doesn't matter?

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what engine, and is there anything else done to the engine?

My race truck has a 22R with a 20R head, bigger valves, custom cam, dual mikunies, etc, etc... and I run a Doug Thorley header with 2.5" exhaust and a flowmaster muffler. works great but its loud. I don't recomend anything over 2" on a stock motor or just with a header an cam.

My '90 prerunner has the 3.0 V6 completely stock. The exhaust is from the cat back with a flowmaster and it uses 2.25" tubing.


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94 2wd std\std, 22RE, header, 2.25" exhaust with Magnaflow.

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89 22re just a cat, pipe ends at the cat

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K, I'll chime in here. I have a 94 std/std with the 22RE motor and a built cam, monkeyed AFM, and Thorley header. I'm still running my CAT and I have a 2 chamber flow master, my truck is pretty loud but has a very good tone to it.

On a side note my truck is coming alone quite well, the rear suspension is 90% done (no bumpers yet) and I'll be droping it off this week to get the front end started. I am looking at a testing run in a few weekends, anyone up for it?

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Where will this test run be at? I want to come and I am sure a couple of buddies of mine will come too?


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You getting centermount arms made? What will you do for steering?

What have you done in the rear?

Let us know. Im going out Thanks Giving weekend.

94 Toyota stdcab 2x4
99 Yamaha YZ250

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The hot setup is the LC header and a whatever (flowmaster, magnaflow) muffler...even with a stock, or near stock motor you can still benefit from a header and 2.25 exhast back...All my pre runner has is a downey header, k&n filter and a flowmaster and 2.25 pipe. (with stock cat)....its not a rocket ship but it was good enough for fastest lap at wild wash last year...though I did break all the exhaus off on lap three...the funny thing was the truck was faster when the muffler fell off but slower when the cat finally fell off (I never did find that)...gotta have some back pressure. Hope it helps.

As for some test runs...I am putting a new set o arms on the front of my ride in the next couple of weeks and will be up for some testing in december if any of you other toyota boys are down for some barstow runs or campouts.



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like said before, it depends on the level your motor is built. on mine i run the lc header to a spintech muffler. i used to run the downey header, the lc one had noticeably more power. the spintech is really cool. not to loud until the motor comes on the cam, then it screams when the motor gets in to its powerband. and they dont fall apart like flowmasters kept doing to me.



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I second that quote on "Flowmasters falling apart." Its true. I've been through 2 mufflers in the past 2 years and Im tired on replacing them. Any opinion on what to run? I want a clear sounding, tough muffler damnit.



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why not just run a cat? Its a tiny bit louder than a muffler alone, but it keeps the air clean and provides approximately the same level of restriction as a straight pipe with a glass pack.

youre not going for world records so it cant hurt to keep the air a little cleaner? Im a hippie at heart i guess haha..

most of the turbo kits i build the guys NEVER run cats becuase it makes a huge restriction on a turbo motor, but i try to setup as many cars as possible with bypass valves to make it open exhaust with the switch of the valve, and the cat cleaning stuff up with the switch going the other way.

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Spintechs all the way. We run them on the race truck which has a hardmounted exhaust and they have never had a problem

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