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Thanks to all for their input on the Tig questions I had, some time back. Now that I've got some seat time in behind the torch, I would like to build some 3x2 arms for my car. Any plans, ideas, positive or negative regarding this? Also, if anybody has a couple of old 930 cv's that are not usable-laying around. I'd like to have them for the first mock up of the arm's. I'll pay shipping.
Any idea's on doing my own front arms? It's a bitch not having a big race car budget.
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Make a fixture and make it from heavy stock. Make it so you don't want to move it often. And make it so that you don't have to pop an arm out of it to finish welding it. Tall order, but it can be done. You don't have to race it, but it does have to hold all the bits in place as the arms cool from welding. If you can borrow them get both arms like what you want, then make the fixture from them. I say both because they may not be just flopped over, I believe there is some camber in them as welded. There is in mine........
If you can't find a set to borrow, use stock arms known to be straight and make either the wheel bearing housing locator or the pivot tube locator adjustable in location to get the dimensions you're after. The arms will only be as good as the fixture is, so make it with care and thought.
Oh, and make two sets. You can always use the spares. It's a pretty good bet that the second set will be better than the first set.


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