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Any suggestions on oil wt., type or brand for the five speed manual transmission in a '93 2wd Toyota. It shifts fine on warm days but when it's cold it shifts like the synchro's are bad. Not sure what oil is in it now.


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Use the weight in the owner's manual. Use synthetic. The 'G' series 5 speeds are notoriously weak and the synthetic appears to really make a difference in bearing life. I got some Torco from DeNunzio.


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- users no longer part of the rdc family -
Thanks for the info I'll try that. Is there a better transmission that can easily be swaped in? What do Toy 7s or prerunner class trucks run?


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the way to go is to use a 6 cyl. trans, with a bellhousing from one of the turbo 22re's. the problem is trying to find that bellhousing. i tried to go that route, but ran out of time looking for the bellhousing, and put a stock one back in. my original was good as knew with 120,000 hard offroad miles. it only went out because i neglected a small gear oil leak, and it went empty. anaheim gear tells me they rarely have any problems with the stock unit.



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I've beat the piss out of my 84 and only lost one transmission about 4 years ago (after about 200k-4 speed) swapped it for a five speed out of a celica ( all the yard had ) and have had zero problems so far. Only thing that plagues me is clutches, but I am too cheap to buy a good one so, I guess thats my fault.

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My toyota transmission fave is the turbo 22re transmission. It is at least as strong as the V6 transmission and has a lower first gear to help you get up and go.