transmission swap question


Well the V8 commuting is getting old, very old, and fast. Time for a commuter truck.

Hey guys i have a fairly good deal on an 87 toyota p/u with a 22r, unfortunately it has an automatic transmission with it. How hard would it be to swap to a 4/5 speed? Seems like it would be fairly easy since it is pre ODB, computer bs, and the engine bay is fairly large in these trucks. Am i able to just get all the parts for the clutch master etc and just bolt up to the firewall. And as far as the slave cylinder goes? Clutch pedal? Thanks for any and all help guys.

...and oh yea, I would hate driving a 22r in auto that much.

Or if anyone who reads this has a cheap toyota commuter truck for sale(cheap as possible) you can save me the headache and sell it to me:D