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Trash Talkers... Read This!


Listen up all you trash talkers... I personally can't stand all the crap that was flung around the classic board... And I could honestly give a flying hoot what you think should be done with the classic board. I think it classic should be burned and buried - never to return to RDC...

If you guys and gals want a place to talk crap, and Klaus and John OK it, I'll BUILD you a FREE message board that will accept any and all language, it'll be a honest to goodness anything goes... if you want to start a YO' MOMMA topic, go ahead... if you want to bad mouth me, go ahead. I'll build it - it'll be free - it'll have just one rule - keep all your CRAP TALK off RDC !

I don't want to hear any more about CLASSIC on RDC - don't whine... don't say "but Klaus, classic was so easy," or "Klaus, I want classic back," or "Klaus, YOU OWE ME SOMETHING EVEN THOUGH I'VE NEVER DONE A DAMN THING FOR YOU."

I've never heard such a group of ME ME ME people whine so much. Just STOP... If you want to whine, I'll build you the "SHRINE OF WHINE" - !!!! - Just say the word.

Stop bothering the people that run this site - they have enough going on in life - they don't need YOUR CRAP!



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Wow ! Well said and long overdue. I think that many of us who use this board as it was intended have a mutual admiration for what you just conveyed to the whinners and me,me,me group.

Thank You



- users no longer part of the rdc family -
Jeff-I dont think a lot of people are going to use it if they have to register.


No registration required - none... and I don't even log the IP's - they are dumped via a cron job every few hours. If you want... I'll create a board that was as simplistic as the old classic board - just a big ol' honkin mess of foul verbage. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get the crap on a seperate site, leaving RDC 2.0 open to those that use it without sifting through ME ME ME posts. If the current board is to complex, just say so - my e-mail is jeff@supertrucksunlimited.com

If you want to use a recurring user name, just set one up, I don't verify e-mail addresses so you can keep on using the trashtalker@yomommashouse.com - it takes 5 seconds to create your user name and password - or you can always remain anonymous.

To recap the new site...

No moderator
No registration required
No bad word filters
Anything goes - anything