Travis Pastrana injured bad...


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I know this isn't Dezert racing but I know a lot of people in here MX and are into the freestyle scene... If you haven't heard Pastrana managed to screw himself up good this time... Hopefully everything turns out alright for him and his friend but newest rumors are that he's going in this afternoon to determine if Amputation of his hand is necessary. BTW this occured 2 days ago.

Racer X is very sad to report that former 125cc National Motocross and 125cc East Region SX Champion Travis Pastrana was involved in a serious car accident last night near his home in Annapolis, Maryland. Pastrana, 19, and a friend who was riding with him, had to be air-lifted to a local hospital's trauma unit. The two were riding in Pastrana's car after midnight when the accident occurred. According to Travis' father, Robert, "Travis had some head injuries and crushed the bones in his left hand. The doctors were able to take care of his head, but he's going into surgery this afternoon for the hand and fingers." We will have more information as soon as it becoies available. In the meantime, saying a prayer for both boys wouldn't hurt.

And then from his local paper

Famed stunt rider injured in single-car crash
By ERIC COLLINS, Staff Writer
A local daredevil known worldwide for his breathtaking motorcycle stunts was seriously injured early this morning when his Corvette crashed into a tree in Davidsonville.

Travis Alan Pastrana, 19, of Davidsonville was flown by helicopter to the Prince George's Hospital Center Trauma Unit, where he was in serious but stable condition, county police said.

His passenger, Matthew Scott Bigos, 20, of Merritt Island, Fla., suffered a possible spinal injury and was taken to the Shock-Trauma Center at University Hospital in Baltimore, where he was also listed in serious but stable condition, police said.

According to police, Mr. Pastrana was driving a black 2003 Chevrolet Corvette on Rossback Road about 12:30 a.m. when the vehicle went airborne after cresting a rise in the road near Overlook Glen.

When it came down, the Corvette ran off the right side of the road, police said. Mr. Pastrana apparently then steered sharply to the left, causing the Corvette to spin while crossing the road.

The Corvette then went onto a steep embankment and struck a large oak tree. The force of the collision flipped the Corvette, threw Mr. Pastrana from the vehicle and blew apart the engine, police said. The car landed upside down in the middle of Rossback Road, about 300 feet from where the driver lost control.

Police were unsure how fast Mr. Pastrana was driving at the time of the crash.

"It hit so hard that the motor was thrown out of it," said Lt. Keith Williams, commander of the Traffic Safety Section. "You can't even tell what kind of car it is. It is just completely destroyed."

Mr. Bigos was rescued by county firefighters after the crash, police said.

Police were still investigating the crash this morning. It was unclear where the pair were headed. Police didn't believe alcohol contributed to the crash.

Mr. Pastrana's family couldn't be reached for comment.

The motocross champion is no stranger to injury. Since he first got a motorcycle at age 4, the man has suffered 20-some broken bones, undergone numerous surgeries and given his parents, Robert and Debbie, plenty to worry about.

His father reportedly thought he died after watching one particularly high-flying stunt go wrong in Arizona in 1998. The teen lost consciousness after landing and his spine separated from his pelvic bone, forcing him into a wheelchair for more than a month after the incident.

Mr. Pastrana has been taking a break this spring to recuperate from the wear and tear on his body.

In a recent letter to his fans printed online in MotoCross Action, Mr. Pastrana said his knee is very painful. He said normal competition now leaves him barely able to walk for the following 24 hours.

"Well, the plan for this summer is still up in the air. I want to race anything and everything in an attempt to open some doors for myself in sports that require skill but less pounding on my body," he wrote.

Mr. Pastrana gained national attention at the 1999 X-Games in San Francisco after riding his bike off a pier into the San Francisco Bay to celebrate his win in a freestyle competition.

Once dubbed "the ultimate showman," Mr. Pastrana has a vast fan following, his own action figure, a DVD of highlights, a Bobble Head doll and has appeared on everything from "The Tonight Show" to "Real TV."


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Jerry Maguire
Thats horrible to hear and my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. Please keep us updated Khris.


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Here's a little more info from He's expected to make a full recovery and his passenger is in
doing better too.

MOTOCROSS - Suzuki On Pastrana
Posted By Paul Carruthers

Will Recover Completely

The following release is from American Suzuki...

American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) today announced that Team SoBe
Suzuki factory rider Travis Pastrana is on the road to making a full recovery
following a serious car accident that occurred early on Tuesday, June 10, 2003.

According to Travis’ father, Robert Pastrana, the 19-year-old underwent a
one-hour operation at 8 p.m. last night. The surgery was to repair nerve damage
in one finger of his left hand and his left wrist. Travis is scheduled to be released
from the hospital today and is expected to make a full recovery.

“We’re so relieved that Travis is going to be all right,” said SoBe Suzuki Team
Manager Roger DeCoster. “Travis was already having a rough season before this
accident happened. Certainly, the prayers and good wishes from everyone at
Suzuki go out to Travis and his family.”


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well that great news mustafa , thank you .

travis p. is one of my hero's .... i hope that poor kid calms down a tad ..... before his 9 lives run out !


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These guys are almost getting hurt more in cars than on there bikes. A few months back we lost Adam Pierce to a car accident.


Krittro Campbell
letter from Travis

"An Open Letter From Travis Pastrana


In the past month, without a set training schedule and without the excitement of racing, I have been waking up in the middle of the night to go drive my car. I understand now what an idiot I have been, but at the time I didn't see the harm in driving fast on country roads that were desolate for miles on end. Every night I drove the same loop well shy of the speeds the car was capable, driving the speed limit through the few residential areas and never going out of my lane. It seemed impossible to me that I could ever be in a position to hurt someone, but I should have known better and for this I am sorry.

My friends drove to my house late one night (they came in to stay with me for the week leading up to Budds Creek National, which is close to my house). They got me out of bed, and I made the huge mistake of not only deciding to drive, but also asking them if someone wanted to race around with me. It was the biggest mistake of my life, but everyone was so excited to drive around the country roads, it just didn't seem wrong at the time.

It was late but not late enough, as we passed a car about every five miles. On one abnormally long straightaway there is a hill that allows the car to come off the ground if you go fast enough. I was taking it extra cautious in the corners but didn't comprehend that something could go wrong on a straightaway. A deer jumped out of the woods and I panicked, jerking the steering wheel to the oncoming lane and getting the car unstable. Right then I saw car lights coming over the hill. I yanked back into my lane as we crested the rise. The car wasn't in much of a slide, but I had no control to correct the swap, as the tires were not on the ground.

We were in the woods before I knew what had happened, and my friend is still in the hospital because I drove too fast. I never thought it would happen and still can't believe it did, but I have never been more sorry in my entire life. Matt is a good friend and a great person. If you have any beliefs I hope that you will keep him in your prayers.

Everyone told me not to write a statement, but for those who care to know, I want them to know the truth. Matt is a great person, we weren't partying, we don't drink, we were out so late because I enjoyed driving, and nothing more. I have never felt as sad or ashamed at any time in my life as I do right now. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Travis "


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Re: letter from Travis

I saw that yesterday... That to me is pretty brave to stand up and admit that you were in the wrong on such a serious accident. Especially at the age of 19 or whatever he is.



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Re: letter from Travis

Here's what McGrath had to say about it in an interview about his new Super Motard Team...............

I assume you’ve heard about Travis Pastrana’s car wreck....

I’ve heard so many things from people and on the Internet. First of all, what are you doing racing a car at 12:30 in the morning? Any why are you doing it in a Corvette? At least be doing it in a car that handles well. The whole thing is sad. It’s just plain stupidity. It could have all been avoided. I feel bad for the other kid that got hurt - I hope he’s okay. But that’s Travis’ style -- stupidity. He’s supposed to be a role model, a hero. He’s supposed to set a good example. It was not a good choice. It was another example of a bad choice Travis made.


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Re: letter from Travis

Mad props to travis for stepping up and writing the letter. I saw that a few days ago, and thought it was pretty good. Let's just hope the fact that he injured a friend doesn't mess with his head too much. I talked to him at the Glen Helen Outdoor Nats. as he was on his way to the Asterisk mobile med. center to check out his knee and you could tell that he was extremely upset that his year was most likely over. He may only be 18 or 19, but he's got a good head on his shoulders. Hopefully he'll be able to make a speedy recovery and work on putting together a full year of racing.


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Re: letter from Travis

Jeremy has always been bitter. Travis is a really cool guy I actually have met him once. Hope all goes well!


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Re: letter from Travis

speaking of OFF TOPIC !! Khris you spend too much damned time on the internet !!!


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Re: letter from Travis

Man- I give props to Travis for admitting being wrong, but why do you guys come down on Jeremy for siting the obvious? YOu guys are all such great friends with these guys after meeting them once? I met Jeremy before he was a big name rider, seemed like a nice kid, down to earth, etc...Same with Travis. Do youthink that maybe Jeremy might know Travis a little more than you? How many of you did things when you were 18,19 or older taht you look back on and say Holy Crap! How did I survive and not kill anyone else? Travis has learned a Life Lesson the hard way, he won't repeat it (most likely) and now hopes his "accident" doesn't affect his friend forever. How many times do some of us on here say "that is stupid, you shouldn't do that without, I sure hope you or someone else doesn't get hurt, etc..." It is not because we are tryuing to be your parents or A$$holes, it is because we have seen the other end of this stuff already. Travis stepped up and made an attempt to set an example by releasing a statement showing what he did was wrong. He even pointed out that many told him not to do it, why? Don't set the example of being responsible for your actions? And now when someone calls a spade a spade, they are attacked for the same reasons that folks didn't want Travis to step up and be a man.