Travis Pastrana is Racing The Mint


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He looked very controlled at spec 2!!!

I'm super stoked he did great!!! And props to the Menzies crew for setting him up with a winning truck!!

J Burleson

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It's pretty obvious a tt suits his "hang it out" style. NASCAR, not so much. I think we got a new contender! I really hope the mint wasn't a one off. It would be rad to see him at all the races with Menzies. Can't wait to see the vids that come out of this race!


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maybe a TT will be joining the Nitro Circus lineup.....


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I know he is committed to the Baja 1000 and I think one other race.

There was a PR Statement a few weeks ago.


NTR Films media guy
yup i read that too, Mint400, some TORC race and B1K


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I think he mentioned odds were 20-1 of him not finishing first lap!


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Good banter. Any racer can go's the good ones that know when to lift! Can he run with the front runners? Probably. Will he know when to lift?? I will be more impressed if he finishes than if he goes fast for 1 lap and breaks. Regardless, this is good PR for the sport.
I was impressed. Look at the so called hero of off road, Rubby G, who did exactly like you said. Drove his vehicle into the ground in only 33 miles.

El Mamito USMC

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That's what I heard too...

Heard it was just transmission failure?
isn't that the "new" 6 spd transmission...

so the P are you coming to the 500?


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Congratulations to Travis on knocking Dan off his 4th place pedestal (and congrats to Dan for an excellent finish)

If your transmission breaks in two miles, you are not "driving it into the ground" - you are just unlucky or unprepared. That transmission has been stellar in the past, so I would say, unlucky.


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My early prediction about TP crashing out in the first half of the race was meant to be more sarcastic than serious, but to be honest I really didn't expect much out of him for this race. I will eat every word I previously said. Can't believe how well he did yesterday and it was great to see him do it. Especially when you consider that he didn't get any flats on this course and that probably is what put him up in the top 5. Just shows what a professional he is. He was fun to watch also.

Thanks for coming out Travis, hope to see you in the desert more in the future.