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Traxxas slayer pro fully loaded and modded for sale


Hey everyone today i have a Traxxas slayer pro up for sale. The price may make you take a second look im asking $600 but i assure you it is worth it. AND I WILL NEGOTIATE. Where to start with this thing.. First off i have two Hi-Tec-645MG servos all hooked up these are very high torque and all metal gear. One is for the throttle and one is for the Steering. Next off i put a whole new heavy duty Slipper Clutch on the car and new spur gear. It is literally brand new as i have maybe 10min on it. Next i have put all new shocks on the car. I upgraded to the GTR shocks with a 1.1mm variable piston kit in them. It is purple springs in front with 40wt shock oil and black springs in back with 45wt shock oil. Next i have a new rx/tx on the car. It is an Airtronics MK-V. This is a very nice system as the remote has a big screen so you can basically adjust everything and it also has an antilock braking system on it. This car has countless more little upgrades that were also necessary. I have well over $700 in this car and wont even be getting near what i put into it. Also there is some new Proline badlands on slayer wheels(short course) and the tires are probably at 95% tread life. Overall this car is a very well taken car of car. It has been cleaned after EVERY single run ever. I have rebuilt the car countless times and cleaned and inspected everything. As the car sits it is PERFECT. This car will make the best basher or race track runner and you will not need to replace anything anytime soon as i have replaced and upgraded every part that could go bad or break. This could be your next basher and is a very good car. Parts support is literally everywhere you go. Like i said i'm listing the car at $600 but will negotiate on the price. Go ahead and give me a call or text at 760-540-9319, My name is Brett. It is well worth is and tons of fun. The motor only have 1 and half gallons through it and will also be giving you 3 new air filters and all factory tools and any other spare parts i have for it i will include also stock tires that are basically new Can also include 3/4 gallon 20% VP Power-master fuel and fuel bottle. Located in El Centro and San Diego or could also ship. Thanks a lot. Also includes wand with 3000mah batter and glow plug hot shot 5000mah ignitor

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