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tree sitters


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Just wanted to let you know that all is not well for some environmentalists who feel it is their right to dictate how we live. Recently, there have been a couple accidents involving tree sitters. tree sitting involves protesters who climb to the tops of trees that are planned for harvesting and refuse to come down. they have expanded their efforts now to include tieing trees together with steel cables so if one tree is cut, it will bring more than one tree down, making it unsafe for tree fallers to work. recently, tree sitters have been doing some falling of their own. several months ago, a tree sitter on private property fell out of the tree she was cabling, sustaining a serious head injury. and just this weekend, a tree sitter in oregon fell to the ground while trying to avoid officials who were trying to remove him from some trees scheduled for harvest. tree arrow(should have been renamed lawn dart) apparently fell after falling asleep(they sure do a lot of falling) approximately 60 feet, breaking several bones and sustaining a head injury, but should recover fully. according to the county district attourney of the area of the forest he fell in, it was his own stupid fault and no one else is to blame but himself (aawww, fresh air). mr. arrow(dart) was tryig to avoid capture by law enforcement personnel by moving from tree top to tree top. as he would leave a tree, they would cut it down. he apparently ran out of trees and was caught in the last one where a stand off occured. apparently, the coffee maker wasn't working in that tree and he was unable to stay awake, falling asleep and falling down, into the hands of the of awaiting enforcement officials. so, the age old question can again be asked, if a tree sitter falls in the forest, can he then sue the tree he was in?


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Im sure he will find someone to sue...either the BLM, Forest Service or heck Im sure someone in their Jeep was at fault too...dont forget the owls and bears too...:)


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I graduated from Humboldt State up in NorCal in the Redwood forest. There were so many hippies on that campus ti was amazing. We used to go cruise the beachs and the dunes up there and see people hiking and just laugh at their Birkenstocks. We once went and had teh pleasure of yelling at tree sitters. These people won't be happy till there are no humans on Earth left to make an impact. I did become more ecologically friendly while up there but I still know how to have fun.

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i had to add some humor, since the newspaper wrote the thing like an obituary. while i hate to see anyone suffer, since i grew up in santa cruz county (home of the most lawsuits against private property owners trying to cut trees down) i have lots of first hand experience with these leftoveers from berkeley of the 60's. these are the same type of folks who used to string wire across motorcycle desert race courses at about neck height. they were also very adept at burying spikes in sand whoops.

on the woodsy front, they drive steel spikes and rebar into trees to stop chainsaws from operating. also usually stops the chain saw operator with some stitched required. they also like to hand cuff themselves to the drive shafts of logging trucks and lately have just decided it is better to burn them, then they have to be replaced and it causes more down time.

as for thelawn dart, i used to play that game on my grand mothers front yard. in santa cruz, on grass. it is amazing i was never attacked by greenies, since many blades of turf were killed. maybe the federal government should enact a helmet law for tree sitters.

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Martin - You said, "maybe the federal goverment should enact a helmet law for tree sitters", I say seat-belts should also be required for all tree sitters!! Growing up in Santa Cruz County I'm sure you got your fill of the "greenie" agenda, I had the pleasure of living in Portland, Oregon - home of the Granola Heads - for 2 years in the mid 80's and I too got my fill of their hi-jinks. My favorite memory was of a newscast where the tree-huggers were trying to stop logging by chaining themselves to gates on the logging roads. The news cast showed a logging truck pulling up to one of the gates, the driver getting out to unlock the gate and seeing a person chained to the gate, after cooling surveying the situation the driver walks up to the gate and unlocks it and moves both sides of the gate to allow him to pass - after going thru with his truck, he calmly walks back to the gate and re-locks it - at which point the news camera trains it's lens to the "greenie" locked to the gate and only then does the "greenie" realize that he has chained himself to only one side of the gate!!!! A look of utter dispair and fear on his face, following the usual M.O. of the radical enviro. sect he has thrown away, swallowed, destroyed, the key to the lock of his chains and has no way out. So for the next few hours the news recorded logging truck after logging truck passing thru going about their business, paying no mind to the guy chained to 1 side of the gate!!! Every-time I think of it it brings tears to my eyes (from laughter)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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LMAO!!!! Isn't amazing how time and time again the greenies show how much brain power they truly have!