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We are so glad to have the UTV's as part of rallying now... So if you have a SxS Production 1000 or 1000 Turbo...come on and enter for $175.00 for 60 stage miles and plus the rally cross from the Nevada Rally Group which it is included. Friday night stages and then run again in the mountains in Utah- St. George area then to service then over to Mesquite MX Park to rallycross. Then the rally cars come to the park to have the UTV's again compete on a Mesquite MX Park prepared rally stage behind the park.
Hotel Location: Eureka Casino Resort Hotel - Get a room for $69.44/room tax included -Code - Tri-State Rally. Deadline for rally rate is September 1st.

Just last week a SxS 1000 class took 4th overall among rally cars....

So look at the flyer and go to www.tristaterally.com and enter ...you trailer to the stages due to you can not transit on the highways not yet...
We will have 3 UTV teams and 2 Super Karts which have not been seen here in USA yet and those will be buzzing soon on these...more info coming soon about 2017 news. Roger De Castro is very much interested in this along with Ronnie Renner. Any questions contact via her or denise@ohprg.com


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