trophy lite

i was thinkin about buying a trophy lite but i hear that they are always needing parts replaced like arms and such does anybody have any experiance wih these any info would help thanks


Iron Mike
Nope not at all there was a few teething issues when they first came out but thru some updates the trucks are pretty bullet proof now. Finishing rate at the Mint 400 was really good! The truck are amazing for the price. Come out to Glen Helen and check out the trophylites doing battle June 27th


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The trucks are fast, fun and pretty reliable. As Mikey said, we went thru some teething pains like any new race truck. The good thing about a spec class is their are 25+ trucks testing the same parts. R & D happens pretty fast. The Trophylite prize purse is great and the sponsors are the greatest.
ya i understand teething issues and i know nothing lasts forever in the desert but i but i heard that people were having to replace front ends after every race and things of this magnatude. but i dont even plan on racing i will barly be able to aford the truck let alone race it so it will be more just desert running for me no crazy pushing it to the edge maybe later but not now


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Use Petes dell,The truck are great that will give you a shot at what these trucks are all about.I will be racing with Pete Its the way to go I cant prep a truck for the price he is renting them at.Plus at the end theres no money out of your pocket