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Trophy rzr build


Picked up this 2014 xp900 last year then decided to get into the limited texas desert racing scene. I took her to a friend at RDN fabrication beginning of this year and Ill show you how shes coming!
First trip out

On the trailer going to RDN

Trying to decide the spare tire configuration

That escalated quickly!!



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Nice job. But 2 spares plus full size jack is a ton of weight that you really don't need I think. 99% of all desert racers only carry 1 spare and a small scissor or bottle jack.

Be conscious of weight otherwise you're going to have to do significant power and clutch adders and the you're going to reduce your reliability.

Keep the pics coming! Feel free to share at UTVUnderground.com.

Chris Tobin

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Going back to my shop for suspension, wiring and coatings.

All stripped down in my little shop.
I love the tin work. More pics of that mega dually too please!
I was going to say that too... If it has a Cummins in it I would like to know more about it to possibly do a feature article on it for Diesel World or Ultimate Diesel Builder's Guide magazine when it is finished!