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Trophy/Stadium Karts Manufacturers and aftermarket


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I am trying to compile a list of Stadium Kart Manufacturers and aftermarket parts suppliers. I think it could be helpful to know who actually builds these karts in terms of chassis and turn key vehicles as well as all of those companies that supply wheels, tires, motor work, shocks, etc.. etc.. etc..

Please post up!


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(SuperKart) Dejong off road
(trophy kart) nester , newline
(fabschool ) troy johnson
(viper kart ) iti
(victory) ron williams . not sure if there building anymore

I think ?


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Thanks Joey, Im really glad your putting this together. There is alot of confusion on who makes what for Trophykarts. So let me answer some common questions. First off, Trophykart is not just a class of race vehicle it is also a brand. With over 470 Trophykarts sold to date, Trophykart has the largest number of karts in any kart class you want to race in. Trophykart has stock replacement parts for these vehicles. Trophykart also works with all the aftermarket performance companies like Newline Products, CMI, ITI, OMF, DWT, Walker Evans, King Shocks............ The list goes on and on.
Newline products Is the high performance side of TrophyKart They offer upgrades like custom chassis and suspension parts that are being used in most of the karts out there.
Trophykart uses CMI for upgrades on the junior kart clutch and drivetrain.
Trophykart uses ITI for upraded sway bars, Junior kart tires, Drive belts and other junior clutch parts.
Trophykart offers shocks from any large shock manufacturer of you choice.
Trophykart will be manufacturing a few new model Vehicles this year.
Finally, Trophykart WILL sell Rolling chassis, Karts without engines, and other parts to build your own kart.

I hope this helps.
Contact Trophykart direct at 714-399-3700.


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Someone already mentioned John @ Ultra Boat for bodys.

There is/was also Cameron of Full Tilt Trophy Kart for race/product support.


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Summers Brothers for axles for junior cars
on anther note i love that McQueens prototypes body


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hmmm that fiber works short course body look familiar


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The matter is that we designed our latest by request according to the needs of the customer that commissioned the job.
I actually prefer the look of some of the other bodies that are out there. I think the Ultra looks pretty sharp.