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Trophy/Stadium Karts Manufacturers and aftermarket

Desert Toyz

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Hello this is Cory Sappington from Desert Toyz. I have three J1 Trophy karts that I rent for practice and racing. I am currently building two turn key modified Kart call "Trick Truck Karts" for purchase or rental. I offer full fabrication, engine building, race prep, consulting and driving instruction for all off-road karts. I do all the work myself. I am a dealer for Fleming Motorsports, CMI, Foddrill Motorsports, OMF and many more Off road kart parts suppliers.


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back to aftermarket parts... KALGARD oils and lubricants...from the 30/30 to the 10-40 full synthetic oil with superior wet clutch protection. to engine gard... all secret little tricks to unlocking horespower and freeing up your karts... pro 4 kyle leduc, curt leduc, pro 2 todd leduc all using kalgard MOTORCYCLE OIL in there power plants with little to NO friction. j1 class first it was creed now its hegar, you guys want to run with the best.. use the best!!! kalgard is offering a 50% off of product to all racers if interested email me at wereurpapa@yahoo.com

later guys i hope this offer can help some people out!!!


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also another one would be K&N high performance air filters and oil filters. they also have air/fuel meters, intake kits for everything. gaket maker, lock tight, blah blah blah.. check out there web site at www.knfilters.com.

also BRAIN AXUP- sick and proven rear ends never seen one break
joe sargis creative fabrication and design CFD bass ass sprokets, hubs, brake disk, you name it he does it
BOB ZINGG- trinity innovatins wraps and vynil
DAN- DH graphics wraps and vynil
Hyper wheels
Kiezer wheels
Dasa racing
Rekluse- automatic clutchs


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I am trying to compile a list of Stadium Kart Manufacturers and aftermarket parts suppliers. I think it could be helpful to know who actually builds these karts in terms of chassis and turn key vehicles as well as all of those companies that supply wheels, tires, motor work, shocks, etc.. etc.. etc..

Please post up!



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Love the Drakart stuff!
Thread revival from the deep DEEP!

We should do a where are they now Trophy Kart Racer Thread. Many from the early generation TK racers are paid drivers now.