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TROPHY TRUCK #13 - Jefferies Racing


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Enjoy the condensed highlight reel of the Jefferies Racing Trophy Truck I shot during the 2016 season, both racing and testing. The Trophy Truck will not be at the 1000, more testing and improvements happening and Jefferies Racing will be ready for the 2017 season!

Jorge Rodriguez

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Am I the only one that sees random videos on posts like this from my cell phone?

The video I see is a charity video.

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I don't know what is up with the charity video....
If you actually type in race-dezert.com into your web browser on your phone it works just fine!!!
If you are using the RDC APP it shows the charity video, WTF right?????
I stopped using the RDC APP a long time ago cause of this issue and not just on my videos, other threads as well. I keep it old school and type RDC in on my web browser when I want to look at RDC on my phone.
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