Trophy Truck Hoods?


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Why do all the Trophy Truck guys take off the hood? I have heard that you can’t see over them, now I am hearing about squeezing 4MPH out of the truck on dry lakes. What is interesting to me is that you can’t run a vehicle in class 1 that “looks like” a truck and yet now all the guys are running the TT class and taking off the hood so they look like a buggy? If you look at all the pics just posted on your site most of the TT’s have taken off the hood. This is very interesting, I have never driven a TT but I would speculate that it is a “vision/feel” thing when going through the rough? Can anyone shed some light because it is surely not a coincidence!
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We took the hood off do to contact with another Trophy Truck, sort of a welcome to the class if you know what I mean
We like to keep it on because it keeps the motor running cooler with the aero ducting and it keeps the sponsors happy. We took it off do to broken hood latches that tend to get worked very hard at Primm. The course is soft and choppy and you tend to nose into the soft stuff in the big rollers. This sends the dirt flying and bends the hood latches with the extra drag. The next step is flying across the dry lake with loose latches and the hood lifting up. It is much better to stop in the pits and pull the hood than let it come up on the lake in shreds and chance blocking the radiator. Besides a Trophy Truck hood is expensive, $1200 for the hood, $80 for latches, $400 fab work to mount it, and $1000 to paint the fancy flames on it. Last year at the Snore 250 we came to get some extra seat time for Dane Cardone before he drove at the Baja 500. On the 4th lap we were hauling butt across the dry lake and the hood came up blocking the windshield. I could see through the vent holes enough to drive and kept the hammer down. We ended up loosing the hood and a $35,000 dollar motor that I torched when the radiators were blocked. We do not take these chances any more, if the hood starts to move around we pull it.


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That's some pretty serious insight into what you have to do to run a TT. I think we should refer all who ask "How come there aren't more Trophy Trucks?" to this thread. LOL

Just to recap folks: outside of what it cost for you to prep everything and load up and go testing, you spent nearly $40k on two replacement parts that were damaged IN A TEST. Not to mention all the prep to get it ready again and other smaller stuff that needed attention. Hobby my azz!!!

I would have to take a lot more than the just hood off to test even once!!!


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i thought the glass you guys run was pretty nice when i first saw it ar SEMA last year, now i see why we stick to Boatec bodies over here. besides location, you can't beat the quality vs cost when it may not make it out of the first turn!